Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The 2012 Mountaineer Autumn Classic

Last Sunday, the 2nd Annual Mountaineer Autumn Classic was held at Cooper's Rock State Park.  30 people attended, which was 10 more than last year.  The weather was a bit chilly but beautiful in every way.

Foggy morning view from the Cooper's Rock overlook.
Here are some pictures of those in attendance:

Heidi Johnson and her two boys

Richard and Adrienne Cook

Lauren Yahiro and Anne McAlpine

Debra Blaacker, Evey Butcher, and Mark Burnham
Some diehards decided to run the challenging 12-mile loop while others opted to enjoy a nice walk on the 4-mile loop.  In either case, a good time was had by all.  There was plenty of food at the end to recharge even the most hungry stomach!  All extra food was delivered to the Bartlett House Homeless Shelter in Morgantown later that day.

Getting ready to drop off a big check.
The total donations this year of $550 were given to the food pantry at Christian Help of Morgantown.  The director (Cheryl Callen) informed me that this will be a car-and-a-half of groceries!    

Well done, MAC participants!
So, the date for next year's Mountaineer Autumn Classic is already set: Sunday, October 13th at 9:00 AM.  There will be a few positive changes, too.  Stay tuned for details in the future.

In closing, I wanted to take a moment to graciously thank the following participants: Jami Larson, Erin Katzner, Conrad, Sarah, and Anthony Quesen, Richard and Adrienne Cook, Jim Sheehan, Tad Davis and Maria Dalzot, Debra Blaacker, Evey Butcher, Mark Burnham, Duncan Lorimer, Anne McAlpine, Lauren Yahiro, Luke Evans, Dick and Shelley Riley and their kids Connor, Andrew, and Kelsey, Ken Blemings, Xiangyi Zhao, Andy and Heidi Johnson and their kids Isaak and Owen, Annie Wojciechowicz, and Pete Daly.   


  1. Very pretty. It's looks like it's fading into the sunset.

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  2. Thank you, Phil for organizing it!

  3. Wonderful! It must be very gratifying to put on a first class run AND deliver food and $ to the needy as a result. Hope to see you out there someday soon, Phil!

    1. Why thank you, Sophie. I hope to see you as well!